Our bags are packed…

…we’re ready to go. Cause we’re leeeeavin’ on a jet pane!!

The time has come for me to bid adieu…I will probably be on a mini hiatus while we are in travel mode. I am gonna try my best to pop in and post about my awesome trip to see my family, but hey will most likely be short. We moved our whole house, deep cleaned it for inspection, and signed out of the post all in three days. Tara, you were such a great help in the cleaning dept….and Isla donation dept as well LOL! I won’t forget it! I haven’t had more than 3 hours of sleep since last Thursday. Tonight’s sleep is going to be pretty much a comatose state I think. The weight of the time crunch and organizing and now immediate release has put my mind into crash mode. I’ve had to fix spelling errors for almost every other word I am typing. Tomorrow, Saige and I are going to get our last pedicure Oki style and then off to mail some boxes/packages that have been lingering around our luggage. (Farrah thank you for letting us mail our CRAP…I’m also mailing you a big surprise!!)

Poquito went to his new home Monday night….and he is adjusting well. He totally has it for the ladies and so within 24 hours he was rolling around in Tammy’s hair and then drew blood on her husband. It’s that chihuahua attitude in him. But, it seems they are very patient with him and I have already received 2 pictures of him there. Thank Sierra for keeping me in the loop..I love you Quito!

Ok so I am going to bed…I can’t wait to start the adventure. As JD says, we have a plane to catch! He ‘s so….zzzzz…..zzzzzz…………………NITE!

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