Foodie Friday

I was really excited to post the pics from my new favorite sammich I made last week. I admit the recipe isn’t mine (I got it from here…Pioneer Woman ROCKS). But, everyone’s individual spin on recipes makes for a unique experience that can be better than the last. So, I decided to give it a a whirl…it looked so damn good! I will not post the recipe, obvioulsy because you can get it yourself from the rightful owner’s site. But, I will post the pics of my version. The kids LOVED it and so did the non-chicken lover, George! I call it the Oozey Chicken-n-Cheese Sammich!

Here is my progression to yumminess!!!

I can taste the lemon pepper all over again…

I used pepperjack cheese on mine…American or monterey jack would be ideal though.

I also made a family fave….homemade potato chips! Yummm….

Is this not the best looking sandwich you ever saw??

I would have taken a picture of me eating it…but I didn’t want to get oozey goodness on my camera :o) Nor did I want to put that thing down!

You all should try it….It was DELISH!

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