Dun Dun Dunnnnn…

Well, I have been lacking in the blog dept because, well, my life just got put in speedy mode. The orders came and what followed has been nothing short of a cluster F!! Booking flights (a Family member gets left behind…I’m so sorry Poquito), making housing appts (couldn’t make them without flights booked), getting Saige’s school papers (sorry Mrs. Isla, but they are all still in boxes from the previous school…so just leave the country with her last report card they say, WTF?), picking up medical records I requested in June (hmmm again sorry, they never sent them from the states), and finally book a hotel for the last 4 days we are here (NO available rooms on any base ma’am, so just look off base…oh wait, none there either…CRAP). Effers, being short fused on a PCS really screws you in certain areas. BUT, I have faith and am hopeful…and well, just damn excited to see my family in FL soooooon. There have been some positives to come out of this however….

My dear friend Tammy and her husband have talked it over and decided they would love to adopt Poquito. I am over the moon!! They are such a great Family and I know they will pamper and love our little Quito like he was their child. I just can’t believe it had to come to this. I told the kids we cannot have anymore pets because I can’t do this anymore…it ain’t right! And besides the guilt, I feel like a bad Mom. I mean how could I leave this….

It’s All wrong. I ♥ you my little Quito….

The other positive is that since practically everything is booked as far as hotels next week….we have no choice but to stay in the Terrace Garden Mihama Resort. Yeah I said RESORT! Gorgeous rooms and right in American Village where all the action is….so we can spen our last days walking around the beach and the awesome shops nearby. Here is a lil peek…

You know I’ll be taking more when we are checked in…I think we deserve the relaxed ambiance before our adventure begins.

So, Saturday we will be flying to Seattle (with two stops in between) and then staying the night there to catch a 7am flight the next morning to Dulles. From there we are renting a LARGE vehicle to take our first US road trip in almost three years. It should be fun actually! I see a boiled peanut stand in my future :o) and possibly an outlet mall or two!! Plus, we have been dying to play the alphabet game (the billboards are all in Kanji, so we have no idea what letter is what here)….travel games in the states are much more fun! So anyway, from there we will stop somewhere to sleep (or rather, stay awake from the time difference, who knows). Then on the 10th we will make our way down the east side of FL to the sunny Palm Beaches!! We are all so excited…It will be tiring, but hopefully the adrenaline will take over! After a week of fun we head back to Dulles and then off to Germany we go…adventure is the understatement. JD keeps asking, “are we going on an adventure??” Ummm YES, and then some!! I look forward to the brotchen, jagger schnitzel, and WINE! But first thing’s first…gotta see my girl Farrah. I can’t wait to hug her :o)

The reason why JD was asking about the adventure in the first place was because we decided to go on one yesterday…to Bios on the Hill. it is themed with buffalo (weird, but cool). It has great scenery and tons of child friendly spots. The pictures speak for themselves….(click to enlarge)

It was hot and SWEATY to say the least. But, it was a good time and I know the kids needed that “escape” from the chaos lately. Ok, so did I!!

Well, we are having our last karaoke night tonight with all the Oki peeps. It will be bittersweet. My singing partner Steve L is gone, as are a lot of my old friends, but I still have many peeps here that I know will make it a blast. I’m sure there will be pics later…

Well, that is all for now. I have a TON of things to do today (starting with separating two shipments in each room of the house). I will keep posting as much as I can. Tomorrow is Foodie Friday…and I have a yummy dish I made to share. Check back in…

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