Foodie Friday

This is kinda funny…I went with my neighbor on a daytrip hunting for good picture spots. We stumbled upon some good ones that will come out later. Of course, in the plans there was obviously lunch to be had and I thought, “Great, I can get a Foodie Friday shot as well”. So I had my camera ON the table ready to shoot my Open Faced Sandwich that I ordered at the Transit Cafe (love that place). The heat level must have fried my brain that day (I had a river in my cleavage it was so hot…ok and puddles under my boobs) because I started scarfing that crap down like nobody’s business once it hit the glass-topped wicker table. About 2/3 of the way into my chicken, I realized I hadn’t taken the picture yet…OH $hit! So here is what’s left of my dish…it looked way better before I mangled it and added the dressing to my salad. You can even see where I tried to lay my prosciutto atop my greens to make it look more presentable. Anyway, it was delish. The bread even…I can’t even begin on the toasty bread. Magni-fique!!

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