Making my own Circle of Angels

I posted my Wednesday without Words with a picture of one my Angels I have around the house. Last week, while I was staying at the Perez house, I got a call from Geo saying my angel shelf in the stairwell had fallen and all my angels had broken…except for my Hope Bear (because it is stuffed). I almost cried. I have been collecting angels for about 12 years and my favorite ones were the ones that made it to the shelf. The shelf I bought at Ikea in Germany and was a heavy, sturdy, classic piece that could fit in every room. The shelf is in tact of course…but its tenants are gone. I should have seen the sign in this happening…a bad omen if you will. A sign that my husband needs to stop telling me we have orders…unless I am holding them IN MY HAND!!

Yes, I am just sick about it…I know he means well and WANTS to give the good news we so desperately have been waiting for….but CRAP, I don’t think I can handle one more peak or damn valley! He got an email from the main personnel division saying we are all set and so that snowballed into him telling me from the other room “We have orders”!!! I tried to disprove him right away because it seemed too good to be true and my hope meter has been bobbing on ‘hopeless’ the past weeks…but he assured me that it was the message we had been waiting on. The next day he was sadly told that message was automatically generated and the orders were still waiting on Germany’s reply about JD.


So the wait is still not over …at this point I have raised my arms to Jesus, the Angels and surrendered. I give up! There MUST be a reason for all this stress and last minute planning ahead of us. I will let you know when I figure that part out. I think my husband feels bad about leading me astray…but he’s too proud and disappointed himself to say that I think. So we are trying to pretend like it’s not happening so we can refrain from going MAD! That’s the latest and it sucks…

So you can see now why the angels’ demise was a little more devastating than just a ‘shelf falling and breaking’. Hence the clay angel post on Wednesday.

I decided to make a new circle of Angels…and started last night making my first Kokeshi Doll with some of my friends here. It was fun and helped occupy my mind a great deal. Here’s a little history on The Kokeshi…they are handmade wooden dolls originally from northern Japan and used as souvenirs for visitors. They have been used to represent a healthy child, ward off evil, prevent fire, or used as simple massage tools. So, we had a great girl teaching the mini class to us and I got my creative juices flowing…

Here’s how it started…

And the whole gang…I mean GANG exactly how you think. We ride deep yo!!

My final product…I think I will call her “Round Eye Angel”.

I love the way her face and hair came out. Her obi, which is on her back (made of purple and red crepe paper and ribbon), has been officially changed to wings! My new angel will look good on the updated shelf in Germany.

Speaking of angels ….I have to give a shout out/bon voyage to one of my good friends here…Angel!

She is a joy and sassy…just how I like them! Thanks for being always keepin’ it real…there’s not many of us left :o)

Oh, I also wanted to mention that my very own angel, Saige, has been quite the little fashionista lately. Her and her friends have been upgrading their t-shirts with new designs. I bought her this book a while back that has 101 ways to reform your t-shirts. They got really into it and her first creation was not too shabby. I love where she cropped the middle. I went in her room and found SEVERAL of her clothes in a pile to “fix”. I need to go through that I think…knowing her she is about to cut up one of the new ones she just ‘had to have’ in the store. “Expression is good, expression is unique“….that’s my new chant!!

Hark…I think I hear an angel coming to save me!! Please hurry! Until next time…

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