Foodie Friday

I know when I started the theme days I expressed that Foodie Friday would be about dishes/food that I captured on camera. However, I think food I DESIRE to capture in my mouth is ok to mention as well. This week’s submission is something I am counting the days to get. You can’t get it here in Okinawa…but you can in sunny Florida (thx family for not hooking me up all these years, lol). So without further ado..I long for the day that I see this sign!

That’s right…I am pining for boiled peanuts!! Green to be exact. I used to buy cases of the Peanut Patch….

My mouth is watering just thinking about it! So whoever I come see first off the plane…WHOEVER…it is in your best interest to have a bowl of goodness waiting for me (or we’re going on a road trip)!!!

(I know they sell them at Costco in gallon size cans…I’m just sayin’). I know there are other boiled peanut lovers out there…fall in line and UNITE!!

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