Firecrackers & Sinise

Well, the LoooNG weekend was intensely jam packed!! It all started Wednesday night when we went to the opening ceremonies for George’s “Firecracker” Softball Tournament.

They had all the state flags flying above the stands, SO, I had to show some love for our 2 ‘hometowns’ (I say hometowns loosely because really, the Fam Bam has no roots, we’re just a bunch of rolling stones)…

They had a few events such as the Relay Throwing Contest, Home Run Derby and a Base Running Competition. George did the base running thing. He almost won except there was some freakishly fast track star there and he won by a landslide. Plus he was wearing jean shorts…it was funny because he had to roll them up to run (can you see it?)…

The boys were all sweaty and gross within minutes, but they were loving the climb up and down the bleachers. Me, not so much…

George’s team ended up winning the whole tournament. It was HOT as all get out, but worth it I guess. I wonder when George will realize he’s in his mid 30’s and softball is just a “hobby”. He’s so damn serious about it…we refer to it as his mistress! Here’s a pic from the trophy ceremony.

The next day (Thursday) we headed up to Torii (the tiny Army base here) to meet Gary Sinise. He came here on a USO tour for meet & greets and to play at the 4th of July ‘America Fest’ on Kadena this weekend with his “Lt Dan Band”. He was gracious enough to roll through to see our Army of One…

He was real nice and nothing more than just a regular guy doing his thing. I’m lovin’ all the Soldier supporters!!

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging with the kids during the day and making my way to softball field at night. Friday, the kids and I went to Mona Kids Jungle (indoor play palace) and then to lunch with a friend.

Saturday (the 4th), I took Saige (drug the boys) to shopping at the big mall here, so they call it. She was stoked since she milked me out of two pairs of shoes and a jacket that totally screams the 80’s. Ahhh, teens and their trends…little does she know we already rocked all those 80’s fads!

Oh and we did our traditional sparkler fest in the front yard Saturday night instead of fireworks (which the Japanese sell everywhere…even in the dollar store). The kids LOVE doing them. It reminds me of cousin Jennifer’s house when I was little. Good Times!!

So some of the pics are finished from our Family shoot at the beach. I’m so glad we got some taken together. It’s not that often we can round all of us up in one spot or stay still. Teage had a few moments when I thought I needed a leash (JUST PLAYIN’), but all in all it was a good effort. Check out my faves…and we hope everyone had a HAPPY FOURTH LOVIES!!

*(click to enlarge)*

Thanks T, for capturing us…as we are!!

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