Bon Voyage…June

The time has come and we said goodbye to our friend & Bn Cdr, Steve L…for the record, the air around here feels a little heavy! I am gonna miss his crazy self and his son, Jordan. We sent him off the right way though, doing what we now call his new passion…karaoke! It was fun and sad at the same time. We all did a tribute to Michael (I soloed one of my all time faves, Man in the Mirror). This is how we left it…P.S. I love the smile on his face!!

In other news, I think we are finally going to get orders soon. This means dates will be figured out…I know I’ve said it before, but I really do think it will happen this time! I am trying to stay positive even IF the Navy Hospital and their liaisons are uneducated slackers. But, it’s all good because I have half of my foot in their “you know whats” as we speak. Sooooo….SWEET! I am already getting prepared for life in Germany. I bought Teage some cutie rain boots (everyone has them over here, but I didn’t quite think it was that necessary in Oki since all they do is make your feet hot and Lord knows it is hot enough here). BUT, Germany is another story. Black ice and rain and snow…yeah, it’s time to bust out the rain boots. Most of you know my disdain for frogs, but these made the cut because they don’t actually look like REAL frogs (which again if you know me, you know I am freaked out by only real-looking frogs, not the fake-cartoony ones).

*my reaction would go far and beyond this broad’s*

They’re just all WRONG! I had to seriously look away when I uploaded this MASTY picture (as my nephew GJ would say)…

However, Keroppi rainboots are harmless. Check out his new kicks…

JD got bright yellow ones and I am still on the hunt for mine and Saige’s because you know they gotta be really cute for us to wear them. I wonder if George would mind the bright blue ones w/stars I saw yesterday…hmmmmm!!

We hit up the pool this past week as well. Teage was so cute. He loves the water and all he kept yelling was “I gotta kick Mommy, WATCH“! Saige took our fun pool pic…

Loved it…I think I saw JD once when he was going down the slide. He loves to hide out in the corner and explore. Saige saw her friends there and decided she would just hang BY the pool instead of get in. Besides she says she doesn’t like to show off her body (Thank You Jesus)!

This week we are heading off to the beaches to take some 4th of July photos of the kids (and us, too I guess). That should be fun.

What’d you think of theme days on the blog this week? I think it will be a fun addition and it gives me more opportunities to be on the lookout for the next best photo op. I am in the market to get a better lens for the Canon already. I need more zoom and this ones not cuttin’ it. I guess we all gotta have a hobby to invest in, don’t we?? OK that’s all I gots…peace out friendlies!!

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