Father of 14

I’m so excited to report that the wait on the party for Saige was well worth it because this has been the sunniest weekend we have had in over a month. The day started early as all get out…with a flea market sell. With all the rain we have had, the humidity is off the charts! I was sweating from every orifice by 6:30 am and it was all wrong! By 11:00, I was at the Japanese Bakery buying Saige’s Strawberry Roll Cakes…the bakeries here are incredible. The precision they use is amazing! Look how beautiful…

Anyway, we headed to the beach first, I don’t have any pictures of that because with the amount of stuff we had to carry, I opted to leave the 10 lb camera at home this time (plus, I didn’t want it to get all sandy). Good thing, because the big kids didn’t even step foot in the water. They were too cool I guess. There were 5 girls and two boys (one of them being Justice, the EX). They still act like a couple and when I asked her what was up with that…she said, I forgave him, but I’m not going back out with him because we’re moving. Smart girl! He did give her a really nice gift…a silver chunk chain with a charm that says ‘Saige & Justice’ in Kanji.

I told her, “oh that’s nice and it’s in a different language so no one will ever know what it means and you can wear it long after you two are apart” LOL. She didn’t care for that! It’s really hard to adjust to the whole BOY thing. I’m trying though. Sometimes I feel like it would be much easier if it was like this…

…ahh the memories of when they were littles!

After the beach, we went back to the house and commenced with karaoke and World Tour. It was fun! Check them out in action….

Once the performances were over, the boys left and the girls got their goofy on! The icing on the cake was they decided to record their antics. And now, mama has a montage…YES!! These girls are a riot and Saige is always right in the middle of it all…


Ahhh…Success, they finally wore themselves out!!

I know she had a great time and I’m so glad the kids enjoyed hanging out with our Family!

Today is Father’s Day so I want to give a “Thumbs Up, High Five, Smack on the A$, Warm Fuzzy, Tight Squeeze Huggy, Slobbering Kiss” to my husband! Happy Padre Day to the man who makes all things possible for us…Love you George!!!

Happy Father’s Day to all the other child rearing men in my life as well…

Love Ya!!

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