Well, I had a feeling that someone would here my prayers (and small tantrum) yesterday, because we have an assignment people!!!

Right now we are scheduled to go to Baumholder Germany! It is not Mannheim, because the branch manager is a real *BLEEP* and wants George assigned the unit that deploys the quickest (too bad Mannheim deployed like 2 weeks ago and if they had sped up the process, we could have just gotten the assignment legitimately). NOW, there is talks of a drug deal being made to get us to Mannheim instead, but the big obstacle was making sure we got Germany at all. Drug deal aside, I am cool with either. I hope it turns into Mannheim, but all the bases are so close, it really doesn’t matter. Here is where they are: (by way of the school districts)

As you can see they are pretty close. Did you pick up on how close France is?? I’m just sayin’!

Now the fun begins…

First we have to get screened with EFMP for JD to get approved travel, due to his services. And in the meantime we are going to go to MPD (Personnel) to see about getting flights lined up and what our options are for taking leave. We want to do a stopover and try to squeeze in a visit to FL on the way. I hear that you can only take 10 days or so en route in order to not effect the free stateside plane tickets later. So, we are gonna see what we can swing on that. After that is household goods pickup, Poquito’s health certificate, and clearing this base. The deros date for us is 1 Aug but we will try to fly out mid July or so. School starts on 31 Aug in Europe as well as here…it will be a quick adjustment, but at least they will be able to start like everyone else (which was the whole point). I wish we had more time, but like I have said before, I work well under pressure, so you better believe momma’s gonna get things done. I will have even more news to follow in the next few days, so I welcome you to join us as our PCS adventure unfolds…

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