Fam Bam Brief

I have been avoiding the blog ever since my Internet went out, because now I have a pile of things to catch everyone up on. Sooo…get comfy, grab a lemonade, and let the adventure begin LOL!

Well, as I said said, the Internet people BLOW and left us without the ability to reach out and touch someone. Now while in some aspects it was nice, being out of the loop and expanding my time for other important things, I felt like a prisoner not being able to connect with my peeps. Anyway, it wasn’t that dramatic…just annoying!

During all of that, Army week on Okinawa was taking place. It’s basically a week of competitions (dodgeball, chariot race, relay races, military drills, basketball, etc). It kicks off with a BBQ at the beach and so we all went and the kids finally got out their swimsuits and had some waterplay.

Teage was too cold at first to get wet….until we got to the actual beach and then he was ready to go diving in. Most of the people who know me know that I do not like play guns…any kind. Water guns are flirting with the line with me even and so this is the look he gave me when I told him to give me the gun…what a riot. (I let him keep playing with it since we were actually in the water)…

Capping off the week, George and I went to the 234th annual Army Ball and it was…..umm OK. It doesn’t even come close to comparing to last year’s, all my girls have left since so it was me and the dance floor when the electric slide came on. I mean there are some ladies here I like, but in all reality, not the same! Our battery on the camera died about 45 minutes in and so we had one picture of us that someone across the table took and he obviously doesn’t know how to focus a camera :o). But, I heard there was someone near us that was snapping pics and I am in the process of harassing her to give em up :o) So some of those might show up in a later blog. Here is what we had..

Out in the lobby of the Ball they had giant posters on stands of various Army happenings and right there by the entrance to the bathroom (which gets tons of traffic HA HA), was my hubby in the chariot race that week. He helped win 3 events…go BOY!!

Also, we ended the school year and it was pretty emotional. My big kids are getting bigger and I’m not sure if I can handle this growing up thing. JD had his little graduation ceremony and it was awesome.

He had a grin from ear to ear the whole time. He was excited to show off his progress into middle school. I, however, was the blubbering mom in the front. He has come such a LONG way with school and we were so proud of him. They sang “World’s Greatest” as a class (insert tears) and then JD was one of the chosen to announce and give a bio on a guest speaker. He did absolutely perfect. Everyone after was saying how he was the most clear with his speech and pronunciation. The funniest was that he was too short for us to really see him over the podium. It was so cute. He didn’t care though and worked it!!

He received the Presidential Award for Academic Achievement…the only one in his class. He was astounded when he saw that it came with a letter from Barack Obama. He said “Mom, I got a letter from Barack Obama!!”. You should have seen his face….

JD and his Teacher…Mrs Shobe!

Well, since it was a crying morning, why not make it a boo hoo night. That same night, LTC Elle had his farewell roast/dinner. We are gonna miss him greatly, but I know we will always keep in touch. He really changed the morale of the Battalion and made everyone feel like a Family. Our hat’s off to him and all he has accomplished being here…I presented him with a photo book of his reign in Command and said a few words. And yes, I cried some more…

George went up and his shop presented him with a Taiko Drum. He told the story of the “nice haircut”…FUNNY!

Next thing on the agenda was Saige’s birthday. The weather’s been crappy here and not ideal when you want to do a get together with friends at the beach. So we decided to put the party off til later this week. Instead, we went to Round One (like a Dave and Buster’s I think). One entrance fee and you can do everything. Outdoor stuff, arcades, roller skate, climbing thingys, karaoke…) It was a blast and I think she enjoyed it. Plus, her ex-boyfriend was there (he still wants to go out with her, but she had to ‘let him go’ because he didn’t believe something she said…she has such a stronger personality than I ever did at that age and I LOVE it). She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to let go of a boy at the same time. Crucial I tell ya…what a fabulous young lady she is growing up to be. I am really proud of her. 9th grade just might kill me, but I know she is ready to handle it and can. God Love Her…

So here’s fun times…

Oh, so all the rave in Japan are the sticky pictures booths. Saige goes at least once a week with her friends. They take 6 different poses of you and you can decorate, write on them, and flair them all up. Once you have done that, they print off a sheet of the pics as stickers to put on your locker, or phone, or binders, or in your room…I’m telling you they are the next best thing since sliced bread Saige says. So we decided to jump into one and do a Family sheet. (It’s really strange that it is all in Japanese and Saige knows what every button means…)

We couldn’t forget the cake and presents though…she loved the gifts from everyone. Thanks to Grandma, Grandpa, Popo, U Alex and A Rhea for the presents from afar. We hooked her up with money for her savings acct this year. She is too hard to shop for, and besides she has so much already…

The cake request was simple…her favorite: butter yellow with milk chocolate icing

Teage thought it was his birthday again and wanted to blow out the candles. Saige wasn’t having it :o)
HAPPY 14th Saigie Baby!!!

Isla Fam Bam OUT….

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