Three’s a Crowd

Three may really be a crowd….but when you turn three, you can sure draw a crowd :o)

My Teagie is officially 3 and I can’t even stand it. He has always been “big” for his age. By big I mean smart and sassy. So turning 3 seemed most like a confirmation for his feisty self. All day Monday he kept walking around the house saying “I’m Free, I’m Free”. So cute!

So we went low key this year and had a party at his lil preschool, since this will be his last month there. Not to mention most of his ‘outside’ friends have moved already. The day was fun and tiring. We had games (Bingo, Pin the tail…) and fun (Pinata, balloon tossing) and good eats (pizza, cupcakes and candy). Teage was the prince (or king, as he wanted to be called) and had a fab time. Some of these pics are priceless…

Ok, so Bingo is funny…
…& everytime I would show a card, he would scream out the name for it!!

“I’m Free”

Then we came home and opened gifts…thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Isla, Uncle Alex & Aunt Rhea for sending presents. He loved the cards as well (he was acting like he was reading them and then would close them up like he was done, hee hee).

After that, we had Saige’s 8th grade awards ceremony (way to go Sissy)!!

Then it was off to a birthday dinner at Chili’s. By then I think we all were delirious and just wanted to go home and go nite nite….That probably explains the look on Teage’s face when they came out and started clapping and screaming the Happy Birthday song to him. He was completely blindsided, a little scared and loved every minute of it…you can see it in his eyes!!

I’m so glad he had a great time and that he could truly understand the whole birthday thing this year. By the end of it all he was even roaming around the house cracking jokes…”I’m five now”! Slow down Tonto….

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