The Last of May

Here it is…June is already lurking at my door and I can’t even keep up anymore. There has been a lot going on at home and out of home. Saige is winding down her middle school career (scare me), JD is closing the door on grade school (double scare me), Teage keeps a constant look of your typical UFC fighter with his rough-housing antics on the daily, George thinks he has stumbled upon his back-up career plan of all-time softball player (God help me…for real), and I have been gripping with my bloody fingernails so to not fall off of the edge of sanity! You know how they say…change is good, but stressful?? Genius!! Stressful is the understatement. I’m pretty good when it comes to stress, above average while under immediate pressure…but that is because I can totally feel when I’m about to break and that allows me to “check” myself with a much needed relaxation technique, or even a good cry. The changes going on and about to go down in the Isla Casa are down right gritty and testy. I think I am holding it together ok, however with the “unknown” move vastly approaching and my kids sensing it that just = Mommy punching bag! Imagine 21 questions x 3 on the regular + a husband who just want to squeeze in as much ball time as possible before we leave. I sometimes think my personality starts splitting off into two at a moment’s notice! They better watch out…

Seriously, I am fine and the kids have no idea that mommy’s cuckoo right now, and George always continues doing what he does, so all is well in his eyes. I stress myself out more than anything (as most women do). SO…I decided I needed some pampering and made an appt for a cut/color/and head spa treatment today, Japanese style. It was BLISS! Just what the doctor ordered…I really needed my hair cut and touched up anyway. I went to new lady this time since my beloved hair person moved last month. She is a gem. I wish I found her sooner and not let my hair get so out of control this time around. The salon is on the beach and the ambiance was unbelievable. See what I mean…

George and the boys came too and walked the seawall while I got beautified. He took some cute pics as well.

Here are some pictures from Saige’s 8th grade celebration and then some…

She’s so big…(sad face)…

The FRG also had a fundraiser this past week…the age old Pie in the Face. I showed up to oversee the goings on for the BN since Amanda was gone…nothing more! BUT, Lo and Behold, my beloved friend Steve Elle decided it would be cute to put a price on a pie for me. If being the only female to receive a pie that day wasn’t enough, I spent the rest of that day smelling the remnants of whipped cream in my nostrils. WRONG!!! That’s ok…cause paybacks are a comin’!

Man, I am a trooper!! :o)

Tuesday my baby boy turns 3 and WOW has time flown by! We are having a little birthday party for him at his school. He’s gonna be so excited…Can’t wait to blog about it!! Meanwhile, Saige keeps telling me how many days it will be until she hits the big 14!! (I almost just fainted when I wrote that)! “Next year I can get my driving permit Mom”….*sigh….

Love Ya!

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