Oh, What a Night…

Thursday started off a pretty good day except the fact that I was going to being saying bye to the hubby the next day…he went to Korea for the long weekend to play in a softball tournament (yeah, I am a good wifey)! It started with a peep into the live American Idol Finale at around 9am, then moved on to a end of the year lunch at JD’s school, which led to the big event of the night…

So the FRG hosts annual events throughout they year, like the Egg Hunt, Holiday Party, 4th of July BBQ, BUT there are also a few contests as well….one being the Chili Cook-Off and another the Best Dessert. Up until now I had never made anything to enter these contests because I was usually bogged down with helping run the event or whatever. But, I decided about midday that I would make something quick and easy this time. My peanut butter balls are ones I make typically during the Holidays, aka Peanut Butter Buckeyes.

They are the bomb as most of you know. I mean, who doesn’t like Reese’s?? Well, ok maybe all the people that are allergic to peanut butter don’t slap their mamas for them. Good thing no one in 58th seemed allergic because they were voted BEST OVERALL Dessert!! Can you believe that crap?? Had Saige been home that hour or so it took to make them, she could have made them easily…and that was the winner??? Hey, I guess you can’t knock the classics! So, yeah that was a trip!! I had someone walk by and say “It’s like a party in my mouth”…and we all like parties no matter where they are right?! SWEET! So I walked up and nabbed my prize which consisted of a Signal orange apron, gift certificates, and the most obnoxious trophy one could ever win…a ginormous fake cake!! But, I was more than happy to accept (mostly because it is passed on to the future winners..so that means I don’t have to pack or find a place to put it). What a surprise though, really…

As if the night couldn’t get any better, completely blindsided, the FRG leaders were recognized by the 10th Support Group with the Commander’s Award for Public Service.

I was so pleased about how the evening was turning out….AND THEN…I got hit with the icing on the cake (no pun intended)!! The Bronze Wahatchee Medal was established for individuals who have voluntarily contributed in a significant way to the improvement of the Signal Corps community. It is by nomination and must get approval through the Signal Regiment in Fort Gordon, GA. The Battalion Commander, Steve Elle, has only seen 2 given out in his career. He nominated myself and Amanda (my FRG counterpart here) for the third and fourth. It was very moving and highly appreciated. Volunteering isn’t peachy keen all the time and Lord knows it is never for the money or the rewards. It comes from the heart and once in a while it is nice to know that it is valued. That is what LTC Elle tried to convey and it rang loud and clear for me. Thank You to him for his thoughtfulness and warm heart.

I will cherish it forever. The Soldiers and Families have been my recipient of “giving back” for a long time…and will continue to be!

Man, I think I am catching up to George’s award count LOL!!

Anyway, I had to share the “pat on the back” moment with everyone. I was feeling good about it…I’ll be updating about our long weekend without hubby later in the next few days. Gotta make a plan to entertain the youngsters….Love Ya!!!

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