April’s End

Well, we have had a whirlwind week so far and it’s only Wednesday. The weekend was nice despite the windy behavior at the beach. Torii Station (the Army installation here) had its beach Grand Opening. Saige and George were not around so the boys and I ventured to the beach anyway, JD was determined to get on the waterslide, plus they had a treasure hunt that afternoon. Too bad it wasn’t sunnier, but we still had a great time together…

That pirate guy yelled “AARGH” right in his face and he freaked out…bad pirates!


JD in the mix of the hunt…

He was fascinated by the parasailing…


Then, Spiderman made an appearance. Teage was showing him his “strong” pose. He does this every time we take his shirt off!!

Also, the beginning of the week marked George’s Change of Responsibility. He has been the First Sergeant for 18 months and usually it is a one year rotation. So, it was time to move out and give another the same opportunity. It was a great ride, but as I have been saying to everyone….HE’S FREE! He was fortunate to get the position, and he did so well. I’m proud of him…time to venture on to something new. The ceremony was very nice and the speakers had nothing but great things to say about about him and our Family. It meant a great deal to us. I guess selfless service does pay off in the end!! Seriously, thanks to everyone who made this experience unforgettable. Check out the pics…

CPT Dressel, Hubby, & Incoming SFC Thomas
The kids and I receiving our gifts and Roses :o)

Saluting the Colors during the National Anthems

The passing of the Sword signifying change in leadership
Isla Family…freedom :o)

Love Ya…

One thought on “April’s End

  1. All the pictures are great, I always look forward to catching up with the family thru your blog. Tampa would be great, and maybe we could actually see you guys. Our prayers will be with all of you.

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