Neo and Busena

Well, we have added more to our scrapbook of Spring Break and headed to Neo Park & Zoo, Fruits Land, and also Busena Underwater Observatory the past few days. The weather has been acting up and not very Spring-like, but we are making the best of it. Sunday, we hit up Neo Park in Nago (the northern part of the island). It amazes me how different a zoo even is here, compared to the states. You wouldn’t be caught dead in Miami Zoo doing this…

Because maybe this could happen if you’re not careful!!

Seriously, walking an Alpaca?? Don’t they spit and stuff? All I know is George had to go after it once Teage’s grip got loose and he came back out of breath saying, “Those things can run!!”

Even this seems to be a stretch…birds are shady I tell ya! You never know when one of them’s gonna get flappy on your a$$.

I was watching my back is all I’m saying…

The boys both got their pony ride on as well. Teage’s first one, he was always scared…this time he was excited!

They also had a petting zoo there that had like 20 purse-size pooches and one pot-bellied pig in the mix. This picture says it all….George’s face is imitating his words, “What’s up with the pig, he thinks he’s a dog!” Yeah he did, and he was so cute.

Then we went and visited Mr. Tortoise. He looked really tired and OLD! Poor guy! He’s probably given so many kids a ride that his back must hurt. So we opted for a good old fashioned rubdown and went on our way!

Saige spent most of her time in the petting zoo with the guinea pigs or what we refer to now as a Bugsy (watch Bedtime Stories if you haven’t already).

Another questionable animal prancing about….Teage & a Wallaby!!

JD wanted me to include this one. He broke out into song immediately…”I like to Move it, Move It…”

So, towards the end of the park, they had a room where you could go in and pay 600yen. They dress you in traditional kimono garb and take your picture. We were all over it…WOW I look really tall in that Japanese bonnett!

Leaving Neo Park…Good Times!

Once we left there, we hopped on over to Fuits Land. Not sure what to expect, well hopefully some fruit, right? Yeah, so the fruit was out of season. HA! But, there were two other sections: the Butterfly Garden and the Bird House (dang, more birds). Here are my biggies prettying up the flowers…

Check out the golden butterfly coccoons. They are freakishly shiny! There were hundreds of them hanging on grates. Ahh, the joys of breeding…

Oh, here’s an after life shot…

Next were the birds. They were just flying around all over the place (sketchy, I tell ya). You could buy nectar to feed the rainbow ones, which all three kiddies enjoyed.

After taking a couple shots of random flowers, I came around the corner and saw this…Teage makes friends everywhere he goes. Plus, I think the Japanese ladies with the little one were really trying to get a picture of my son’s saucer eyes LOL! How cute are they??

We knew it was time to head out when we saw this…Oki weather is always playing tricks on us!!

Today we went to Busena and it was a really sunny day. I wish we had planned the beach instead after driving up there and seeing this view…

Getting ready to take a long walk on a short pier…

The boys got tired I guess :o) What an awesome big sissy!!

My baby is a HAM!!!

The steps down into the observatory lead you to a 360 degree room of portholes. The fish were everywhere! I got a few good pics, but this one really felt like I was in the water with them it was so clear…

After we left the observatory…

…we headed over to the glass bottom boat to get the real experience of the coral. It was cute since the boat was shaped like a whale.

I highly suggest checking out the local touristy spots on island. They are really worth it. Next up…castles, ice skating, beaches, and shopping!? And who knows what else!!!??? Stay tuned…Love Ya!!

2 thoughts on “Neo and Busena

  1. It looks like you guys had an awesome week as a family and took advantage of the island! I’m so happy that you got at least one sunny beach day! I can’t believe you got that bomb dropped on you today, I will definitely keep my fingers crossed that you get a great assignment!

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