Singing St Patty’s Day Pineapples

Hi there everyone…

We had our St Patty’s day house party finally and it went off without a hitch. I made homemade mojitos for like 3 hours straight LOL and managed to only offend one person throughout the night. Seriously, like a friend recently reminded me, how annoying is it when someone doesn’t take your words for what they are?? Oh well, I’m a big girl and can apologize if it means someone will feel better. ANYWAY, it was a success and thx to all who came. Check out the pics of everyone celebrating my favorite color…



We also celebrated JD’s final choir performance at his school. Next year it’s the big leagues, so it was bittersweet to see him up there as the oldest member. He loves it so much and wants to continue chorus in middle school. It thrills me that he is so into the arts. He had a narration part, an instrumental part and of course all the singing you could muster…

Lastly, the girls and I took a day trip yesterday and the weather was stellar!! Beautiful days like this make me excited to stay in Okinawa (Still waiting to hear of we are). So we ventured to the Pineapple Park and had a great time. I think we all thought we were professional photographers with our massive cameras…but DANG we took some good pictures! How cute are we….?

The weird pineapple car that drove itself…



Baby P



Teenage P

Life is good…Love Ya!!!

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