The End of the Season

The end is upon us with boy’s basketball. The championship game was Saturday afternoon and these boys rocked it. The 1st and 2nd place teams battled it out on the court and the Okinawa Suns came out with the perfect season (8-0) and the bragging rights as the Champions of Youth Sports Basketball. JD was really excited and we were so proud of him. Here are pictures from the game…

-practicing before the game-

-the final score-
-walking the court with Coach Morris-
-champion shirt-
-team photo-
gift from the coach, champion tees-
-JD called the cheer, “getcha head in the game”-
-Teage wanted to be just like JD-
-Sissy was so proud of him-
-Proud Daddy-


Way to go…..

I’m really glad he followed through with being on a “team”. He is such a self-entertaining boy that we weren’t sure if he would jump into this type of thing with everything he had. But, the coach and the teammates rallied around him and made him feel like a major part of the team. It was so amazing to see those boys take JD under their wing and engage with him. Whenever JD would sub into the game, they always tried to make sure he got passed the ball (so what if he ducked a couple times and kicked it another time…he eventually got the idea that he was supposed to catch it and pass it off, hee hee). I am so happy for him and that he got the experience to do this. Suns Rock!! Now that this is over, he will continue with his choir and piano lessons. He excels in these areas and I can’t wait to see how it develops.

In other news, the FRG had its annual Chili Cook-off and it went well. Hats off to those that made chili and to those that won…two of which are friends of mine (left and right…go Brian and Angel).

What a weekend!!!

As if the happiness exploding from my body wasn’t enough…I received my anniversary gift from George!! Take a look-see…

I love it!! I can’t wait to have an opportunity to really use it to its full potential…of course after I read the massive booklet it came with. :o) My hubby definitely scores in the gift giving dept. Thanks babe!! Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. I will get out soon and take a few test shots to show everyone what that baby can do!!

Next week, is the AFAP conference. I will be working three days this week at that. More info to come. Talk to you soon….Love Ya!!

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