Life is good…

Well, it’s the weekend…another long one I might add. It’s funny because the past 2 months seem to be filled with holiday weekends for either the guys or the kids. It has been nice even though certain things have trumped my gym plans a couple times. But no fear I am still trucking along and making up for missed time. I’ve lost inches for sure and am feeling strong in general. I like it!! There are some changes going on over here…a couple of our good friends are leaving within the next month or two. I really hate this part of being in the military life…saying goodbye to the people we have come to know as our second family. Farrah and Julie….I’m gonna miss them. But, we’ll always have each other’s backs!! These are some great girls…

As with every goodbye, there are new people that arrive to take their place (in the job or in the FRG). I always hope that there are one or two that are normal…it’s like playing roulette really. Usually, I am quick to see true colors easy. On that note, we do have a new military wifey that has come to Okinawa. She is sweet and down-to-earth…thank God!! We had a little get together at the BC’s house to officially greet them. Here they are…

I like her…and him, too. I look forward to getting to know her even more than we already have (that girl can sang some karaoke lol).

Here’s the chaos that ensued towards the end of the night…notice the weirdo guy in the back. Had to do it Stu!!

Good Peeps…

Teage has been quite the little photog lately. He has a knack for taking pics and actually knows how to work the camera. I see a scrapbook in his future. Look at this one he took of his dad…

That is hilarious!!!

Saige has been doing well…babysitting a lot (she enjoys having her own money to buy the things I won’t buy for her…which is pretty much like multiple itunes cards, junk food, etc). But she has also been saving a little from each job. She’s pretty good about wanting to keep her money instead of it burn a hole in her pocket. I just went this past Tues to see her collect her honor roll certificates for the past 2 quarters. Once again, my kids are freaking awesome!!!

I’m also posting some pics from her last game…via a neighbor’s camera. Look at my Saigie being a strong “base”. She is the strongest girl on the squad!!

And she has mad cartwheeling skills…

Plus, she is way too cute for her own good :o)

I’m really proud of her overall and she is growing up so fast. I remember when she was just my little ball of personality…

I guess she still is….

Hope all is well with everyone!! Love Ya!!!

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