Cherry Blossom Bonus

Long time no blog. I have no excuse. Just not been in the mood to blog it up lately. However, whenever we go on a trip I must display and recap ASAP!! It’s a compulsion.

We hit the road on a bus tour and traveled to Nago (the northern part of Okinawa) where the annual Cherry Blossom Festival takes place. Apparently it is a huge deal with people from Mainland and surrounding areas making the stop to see them. If you are unaware of what a cherry blossom looks like…

They are beautiful and very PINK!! Which always make me think of Spring (my favorite season)! In order to experience the full capacity of the cherry blossom…you feel compelled to walk up a wearisome, sharply inclined staircase that rewards you with a clearing of fallen leaves at the end. It was wretched, but we did it!
The kids had a great time feeling like explorers in a new land. JD could have bet his savings that he was entering the birthplace of Kung Fu.

Once we made it back down the mountain, there were one of the typical Okinawan street festivals. We made our way to the stage and watched the Eisa dancers and Taiko drummers (also custom to Okinawa).

Good Times…


The best picture of the day could have been a dang magazine cover. Yes, that was shot with my regular Canon Powershot. It’s not always the fancy cameras that generate good pics…you got to have a good eye behind the lens :o)

Other than that, things are running full steam ahead as usual. I am back in class this term after taking last term off, I am still going to the gym regularly, both my kids made the honor roll again, the big kids are knee-deep in Cheer and Basketball season, Teage is my little motormouth (far surpassing both Saige and JD), and so far JD is showing major signs improvement with his medicine.

Last, but not least….while the details and specifics aren’t clear, we have a slight possible chance of moving this summer as opposed to November. We are shooting for Korea or Germany (Europe) as our next assignment with a visit to the states still in taking place in November. I will keep everyone posted as we gain new information.

Oh…check out my hubby doing a little public speaking at his boss’ farewell dinner…

Back to blogging soon….Love Ya!!!

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