Decisions, Comedy Night and Field Trips

I know it has been a while since I have been working the blog. My bad! To be honest, things have been kinda busy yet calm. However, the time has come to fill everyone in on the recent happenings at the Isla Casa. An update, if you will.
I always like to divulge the more stressful things first and get that out of the way.
JD started taking medicine this past week. If you know me well, then you know that I am strongly against drugging kids and I still feel that way essentially. We took him for an evaluation with the Developmental Pediatrician here last month. With his diagnosis of Autism since first grade, his inability to stay focused and on task in the classroom has not improved while everything else has. I wanted to have him seen again since it had been so long and to approach this dilemma (since he will be starting middle school next year and I want to provide the best possible situation when that comes). So, we met and she (the doctor) spent some alone time with JD after her and I talked. She was actually very nice and explained to me that he may benefit from a little medication therapy. I knew it was coming…it had been put out there before. I was less than enthused and could not answer right away. She totally understood my concerns and my reservations about medicating him. So the hubby and I took the Winter Break to discuss, research, and decide what we should do. Our decision was to TRY it. My personal beliefs and my ideals had to be pushed to the side for a moment to make the right choice for my son. Does that mean I am ok with it?? NO! Does that mean I am sold on it completely?? NO!! Does it mean that I am willing to do whatever it takes to set my son up with the best possible life and education?? YES!! We have to try.
I explained to her that it had to start small, which she agreed. The medicine is called Concerta…go ahead look it up. It helps in an ADHD diagnosis. He is not “hyper”, but obviously exhibits the symptoms of inattentiveness. So therefore, the same medicine applies. He is taking 18 mg a day (the smallest dose available) and I made it clear that I was only going to give it to him the days he is in school. She said that was fine and actually better. She only gave me a 30 day supply (remember this is a trial period). After two weeks, I will call her with any concerns or if I see any noticeable changes during that time. From there, we can decide whether or not this is something worth keeping him on. Sooooo……with a knot in my stomach, he took it on Tuesday for the first time. I had already emailed all the teachers he works with and explained the situation. They are watching him for me also and reporting back anything they see. Day one, nothing noticeable…Day two, a little more focused….Day three, signs of irritability at school…Day four, great day at school! That is it so far. But..he hasn’t lost his appetite, not been able to go to sleep, or had any stomach pains (all key side effects). So that is the status so far. Hopefully next week will go ok. I will make sure to report back with that. Now, like I said, my views are still the same. I am sketchy and leary, and if this doesn’t work out….I will never have to answer to this topic again!! But, I am hoping for the best….wish him luck! :o)
Now, on to something a little less serious…Another field trip with the middle schoolers to a park. I think it’s weird that they think these kids are still into playgrounds. It was still fun of course because they had me as their kick a$$ chaperone LOL!! I think I had about 10 kids in my group, double the size of the others…geez. I couldn’t get rid of them if I tried. Maybe it’s because I don’t mind getting in there and playing, too and I definitely don’t have a problem making fun of myself. Check it out…

Good kids….

Next on the list of blog-worthy events…we went out to the Comedy Show last night to see Bill Bellamy. He made is way all the way over here to fricking Japan to do stand-up for the little old us. It was great. He is still so funny after all these years. I can stll picture him, Tiffany-Amber Thiessen and Peter Facinelli in Fastlane back in the day. So here are the best pics of the night. Comedic adventures…Good Times!!

This next one is my fave….

We had a blast and Bill’s still got it!!

Ok now off to take the girls to see Twilight. They finally are playing the movie here in Oki for the first time. OK so maybe I’ve seen it streaming online already (shhhh) but I would like to see it in color and without a constant muffled tone. Ahhh, a cheesy dramantic!! What’s better…??

Until next time….Love Ya!!!

One thought on “Decisions, Comedy Night and Field Trips

  1. hahahah! I love the pic of you all hugged up on Bill! LMAO! That’s a scrapbook keeper if I ever saw one. As far as the meds go, God will speak to your heart on that one. I know that I’m not a fan of meds either, but I know that trying is important because, well, you never know. Hugs!

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