Back to life…Back to reality

Well, I am home alone again for the first time in two weeks and it feels GOOD!!! Seriously, the kids were excited to get back to school…especially Saige (recommencing of the lunch social circle). This also means back to volunteering for me, too I guess. Round and round and round we go!!

I just came back from my first day at the gym with someone who finally knows what she is talking about….HALLELUJAH!!! We did measurements at the house first and then headed to the gym. There she put me on the treadmill, tested how much weight I could handle per muscle group, and oh I forgot…worked the abs (with a jot down in her notebook after every one). She needs all that info in order to construct a workout plan that fits me individually. We start the real work tomorrow. I am excited and Tammy is so nice. I am gonna have to pay her in blood since it is priceless helping someone change their life like this. I am so grateful for her.
Before the official end of winter break, George and JD also finished their project together. JD has been asking his dad to build him a stage for him to put on plays for the kids in the neighborhood. He is planning on recreating Kung Fu Panda in theater form. We have already printed out the entire script and made it into a book for him. All that was left was making the actual stage. So, with a few wooden pallets, some carpet, and one side of our gazebo….

the stage is up and ready for production. He even added the canopy curtains in case any set changes need to be made “behind the scenes”. Check out the final product…

I’ll let you know when the grand opening will be!
George and I went out to celebrate one of our friend’s birthday this Saturday. We had a blast and visited some off base places I had never been to. Here we are…the birthday groupies!!

Too much fun. OK well, I will keep everyone posted with my progress. Catch you later…

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