One-Hit Wonders

So I peeped into my Myspace page today and my music playlist started up (the same one I have on the blog) and I just love my music. But, I listen to it often (usually when I am cleaning), so the songs were itching me and that prompted me to go on a mad search for oldies but goodies slated from my younger years. You would not believe how many I found and how many times I caught myself talking out loud to the screen. Outcrys like…”Oh my gosh, this song rocks!!”…and…”How could I have forgotten that one??”…and so on. OK so I was busting out in song, too, here and there. The kids were wondering what was wrong with me I’m sure.
But NOW you must swing on down and sway to the right to check out my latest and newest additions. We’re talking from Tracey Ullman…

to JJ Fad

to The Cardigans.

SWEET…reminiscing on new OLD jams are always fun!! Love me some one-hit wonders!!

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