Happy Christmas To All…

Well, the reindeer have come and gone and Santa has come through like a champ way over here in Japan for the last time for us. The day was fantastic and all the kids were really excited to see what the North Pole had delivered. JD was awake first (around 5:30 in the AM) and it was way too early to start. (Even though when we were growing up we would be really loud at around 5am in order to wake everyone and start). We ended up having Saige and JD come downstairs and enjoy some hot cocoa while we waited for Teage. They are so awesome…

JD couldn’t stand it though and kept creepin’ on the tree.


Finally, Teage woke up and came running downstairs…JD was there to greet him. –awwwww–

I have tons of pics…as many do on Christmas morning, but I opted for posting the ones with everyone holding up their gifts from George’s parents and Alex’s family so they could get a glimpse on how much fun it was. Saige received a heap of clothes overall, with the majority coming from the other Isla’s. She loves her tees….

Teage loves the awesome laptop…
And as if everyone didn’t already know…anything green is right up my alley, YAY!!
George and I really banked this year…


We asked Teage to take a picture with some clothes from the grandparents and he grabbed ALL of them. How cute!
One of the gifts JD got was a keyboard. We purchased piano lessons for him a couple months ago (my friend Amanda is a music teacher), so we waited until he got his keyboard so he could hone the skills he learns while they are still fresh. He was all over it right away getting his dad to teach him a few songs.
Here they all are finally getting to the stockings…this is obviously post Teage’s striptease and the gift packaging receptacle’s entrance.


Lastly, Teage’s fave gift was his quad from Santa. He immediately wanted to head outside and test drive that sucker…the funny thing was, he kept riding it like this-

I have no idea why he kept leaning back like he was cruising the strip. I was cracking up.

Everything went awesome and I was really glad the kids were all so grateful for what they had gotten. WHEW…now that that’s all over, time to get ready for 2009!!! Love ya!!

3 thoughts on “Happy Christmas To All…

  1. I’m so glad Santa was good to the Isla Fam! Whenever you know JD will be free for some lessons let me know, because I’ve got some afternoons reserved just for him!

  2. Yay! I love the quad! We went over to a friend’s house last week and J couldn’t get enough of the thing. I thought it would be too big for him, but he got it down. I may get one for him afterall. I will upload pics today and get them over to you.I’m glad you all liked your gifts.

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