So the oldest boy and I decided to take a trip to the beach today to see if we could add to our seaglass collection and to visit the pirate ship park. It was fun, just the two of us. Teage had his Xmas party at preschool and Saige was spending the night out. (Gosh, they do a lot of that at this age…and it’s funny cause all they do is listen to music over and over again…ahh the good old days) We ventured to Araha Beach and found several weird looking shells of course. It was pretty cold (for here) and the water was freezing my toes as we went on the hunt.

Would you believe we only found 1 piece of seaglass!! Well, we did only go about a 100 ft before we were drawn to the pirate ship park. There are the coolest, neatest parks on this island. Take a look…complete with zip lines and portholes!!

I caught him checking out the history of the park when I came up from getting my shoes. What a stud!

And how about having this sign greet you at the beach entrance…that is one rather large, dangerous jellyfish!! Are they sure they don’t mean octopus…geez who knew jellyfish here were that big??

We had a blast and love going there.

OK so I have to end with another sign I ran by on the way to the beach. I have passed by this restaurant several times and even been in…but I never really noticed the mural it had on its wall. This is a Persian restaurant that also moonlights as a hookah bar. Tobacco only of course. But notice how it looks like they are just way too happy to be smoking strawberry tobacco. And what about the striking resemblance to Aladdin from the Disney movie. That lady with him does not look like Jasmine to me. Is this promoting “have a good time by smoking it up without your significant other”? I’m just sayin’…

The highlights of living in another country I tell ya….

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