Bread Houses and Farewells

Well, if you don’t already know…my JD has services for his diagnosis of mild autism and so therefore has a paraprofessional that has been with him in the classroom half the day for the last two years we have been on Okinawa. Ms Yarde has been a Godsend to him and our family since we moved here. The two of them have formed a relationship that has grown in to a friendship for my son. He will do anything for her in the classroom…things it can take me an hour to get out of him, can take her only 5 min. They have a bond and an understanding that only the two of them will ever know. I appreciate her and her unconditional support for him. As we know, in life and especially in the military, nothing can last forever. Ms Yarde will begin her student teaching after the Winter Break so that she can have her own classroom of kids one day. She deserves it and would be fantastic at it…but is it selfish to say that I want her to stay?? I don’t think JD has even fully grasped it…and I am in complete denial. I just want to give her a shout-out for being a part of his life and making a difference. He is a better kid and has grown into a self-assured young boy because of her and we wish her much success in the future. Thank you for everything…

Check out the graham-cracker bread house that JD made the other day in school. I was in there helping them all day and let me just say…somebody needs to invent sturdier wall structures for these houses. We had cave-ins left and right. His came out pretty good…Less is more sometimes :o) Notice his Spongebob medallion windows and creative froot loop bows. Awesome.

Saige has her first cheer game tonight, so I will be posting real soon!!

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