Toys R Us – HAI

I had to give a whole post “props” to the Japanese Toys R Us over here. When I had that one gift that I could not find for my boy…I’m talking sold out online, no show at the PX, and I wasn’t paying a grand on damn Ebay….Toys R Us came through like a champ. We had never been there since moving here (which I am still unsure why) and it was our last and final desperate attempt. So hats off to the Awase Toys R Us. Geoffrey is still singing music to my ears after all these years…

“I don’t want to grow up,

I’m a Toys’ R Us kid

There’s a million toys at Toys ‘R Us that I can play with!
From bikes, to trains, to video games,
It’s the biggest toy store there is! Gee whiz!
I don’t want to grow, cuz baby if I did,
I wouldn’t be a Toys ‘R Us kid!”
Now if only we could get a Japanese Target…the family would be set all the way around.
I’m ready for the fat man in the red suit to pick up his dagum cookies already!!!

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