Extra Extra…read all about it!

Well, we started the weekend off Friday by driving home and finding a Japanese maintenance van on FIRE across the street from our house. I mean on fire like you see in the movies. Not sure how it all started, but thank God no one was nearby or worse…in the dang car. I ran inside to grab my camera so I could prove that crazy things really do “just happen” around me. The Fire Dept and MP’s were quite fast in getting there and so the car next to it only caught on fire a little. I was worried about it causing an explosion so close to where people lived. Here’s the burning vehicle…



Crazy huh?

Anyway, that same night was George’s BN Holiday Social. I was a little reluctant to go at first because of the fact that I have been so drained and stuff and in need some serious downtime. But we went (George needed to represent for his soldiers) and we ended having a really good time. And maybe the dinner wasn’t worth the $25 each we paid for it…but, the drinks made up for it :o) . And as predicted, the electric slide was the first song to play and I went there. The girls and I were in rare form as we pretty much dominated the dance floor and the photo ops! Check it all out…

I started going the wrong way I guess…I am always the odd one out!

Here come the group shots…

George was in the eggnog baby bottle contest…he’s got skills!

Later that night…
Yes, it’s karaoke time again…
Good friends…Good times to be had!
Next…JD had his first baskeball game Saturday. Let me preface by saying that JD is no Shaq (although he does have Shaq shoes…thanks Grandma!), but he wants to do well and loves being on a team. He’s number 15 and if you need to ever pass him the ball…his hands are always up. We’ll be working on the body blocking at the next practice. We were so proud of him for his first time. Plus…they won by double the points!! Here’s my star…
Teage wanted to run out on court as you can imagine…so we took it outside the gym for a bit.

And lastly, here is my boy in action. I hear the Heat calling…


Love ya…

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