O’ Christmas Tree!

I have been meaning to post about putting up our tree since we did it earlier than normal this year. Usually we wait for the typical “after Thanksgiving weekend” to begin that chapter. But, since we were entertaining a few families and kids this year and it wasn’t too big of a crowd, I thought everyone would enjoy getting into the Xmas spirit. I was right. The kids stared at the tree and the ambiance was festive enough to warrant a Holiday movie after supper. The only things we have left to do are the lawn decorations, which as we all know is a man job. Now if only I can keep Poquito from ripping off with the snowflakes and tree skirt. Here are the pics…

The finale…


They had fun and spent the rest of the night admiring their work.

In conjunction with the whole Xmas vibe, we ventured out for Black Friday and it was madness I tell ya. Not fun and remind not to go there when they decide to drop laptop prices by $200. In spite of it all, my mission was successful. So I guess that’s all that matters.

Besides that, I am still not 100% from George and I going out Wed for the LTs‘ promotion party. The karaoke and adult beverages took me over and I was told that I wouldn’t let go of the mic. I don’t believe that though…it’s so not me :o) !! Overall we had a blast, plus…I sang Material Girl, what’s better than that? Congrats to 1LT Pleuss and Brady!! Fine…George told me to add some pics…He loves to clown me!

Here we are…the last people to leave!

Yes, I am drinking beer and not wine!

Ready to walk to Karaoke!

Love Shack Baby!!

This is where it starts to get real fun…

Amanda puts us all to shame…

They were all singing…oh yeah I forget!!

I think Tawnya was just as protective of the mic as I was.

It was nice. I don’t go out often but when I do…I like to have fun as you all know. If they would have played New Kids on the Block though, I think I’d still be there!! Hope everyone’s holiday weekend is going fabulous. I think I’ll be staying away from the stores as much as I can.

Love ya!!!

One thought on “O’ Christmas Tree!

  1. Very nice, very nice! I was wondering how you were doing after Wednesday! I hope you had as much fun as I did. Next time I’M drinking, too! The tree looks amazing and I love your pictures with the kids in awe of it. Have a great night and I’ll see you this week!

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