Thanksgiving 08

Well, I am officially STUFFED!! We ate at about three and I am way too content for my own good right now. Seriously, it was a nice affair. Not too big, not too small. JD said grace and it was way cute. Teage fell asleep an hour before we ate so he had to wait for his turkey a little longer. And the best part was all the food was split up amongst the three families. Khimmy made the turkey and pie, April made the mashed taters, yams, corn, and cheese ball. And I made the green bean casserole, stuffing, rolls, and the gravy. I think I got off easier than them cooking, BUT now that everyone has disbanded for the traditional turkey nap….all the kids are still here!! What the heck!! Having a Wii can sometimes be a downfall. Well, I want to make sure I wish everyone a Happy and Joyous Thanksgiving from our family to yours. I’m missing my familia during days like this…but hopefully this time next year we can make up for that. Look how handsome my Teagie looked…he dressed for the occasion.

Ok, well I’m off to curl up and watch something on the tube (I missed that reunion of the Housewives of Atlanta so hopefully it will come on and really end this day with a bang). Besides, I need to get to bed early…Early Bird Sale in the mornin‘!!! Woo Hoo!!! I’ll be posting again real soon. I got some pics from putting up the tree and last night’s karaoke fun, what I remember of it anyway. ;o)
Love ya!!!

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