Cooking for Soldiers

This evening the FRG hosted its annual Single Soldier Thanksgiving meal. I was in charge of mass-producing the desserts (my Pumpkin Roll rocked, I’m just sayin’). When I looked upon all the guys…and gals of course…standing in line to get their much anticipated home-cooked meal, I realized that I had never had a Thanksgiving alone. Sure George had been gone before during the Holidays, but I always cooked, spent it with extended family, or went to a close friend’s. I could never imagine being ALONE with no kitchen, no family, NO ONE on Thanksgiving (well maybe except that dude you are forced to share a floor with that reeks and plays WOW all the time LOL). These Soldiers work just as hard as the next and yet they don’t have that pat on the back to go home to like married Soldiers do. The most enjoyable part of the night for me was when they all stopped one by one to say thank you for cooking for them. Something the hubby here fails to do almost regularly (subconsciously of course). :o) I know these Soldiers really meant it. They truly were thankful and I was thankful for them. I felt like I could have gone into “mom mode” asking them what they were going to get into tonight and that they better be safe, but they probably would have thought I was weird, which I am. Ultimately what I mean is, I would cook for them any day if it meant taking care of these unsung heroes. If you get the chance I highly suggest that you cook for a Soldier, too. And if they don’t say thank you all the time, don’t hold it against them!!

Here’s a clip my friend Tanja sent me that really sums it up!!! Remember, give thanks….

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