Trick or Treat 08

Well, the last week of October has come and gone. I’m glad it’s over actually, it was a trying one…

I have been trying to finish up my last week of school this term, prepare for finals next week, help the kids finish up their final projects for the quarter, put on a Halloween event for FRG, AND take AFTB classes…like I said, I’m kinda glad it’s over. I enjoy being busy like the next person, but as I was reminded in my leadership class Thursday, there is such a thing as being stretched too thin. I think I went there this past week. Of course the hubby and kids have no idea how thin of a stretch it was because all they know is everything at home is still normal. I guess that means I’m doing my job. :o) Anyway, my post is mostly about the highlights from the Halloween party and trick or treating last night. This is how I walked around all day Friday…

I didn’t really want to dress up, but I knew the kids would give me flack if I didn’t. The FRG party was during the day and so the big kids could go (since they were out of school), but I decided to still take Teage to preschool. They were having a party, too and besides, I would have spent the whole time chasing him through the commander’s halls. When I dropped him off, I had all the toddlers line up for a group shot…Teage always has to be in the middle of everything!!

And I’m sorry, but I had to post this baby’s pic. He is in the 1 yr old group and is the chubbiest, cutest, and happiest baby ever…and the costume was perfect for him!!

So, off I went to finalize the last minute things needed to make the party a success. We had all the parents and kids meet up at the flagpole and we proceeded to trick or treat through all the different sections within the Battalion. Each section had the option of decorating their area, and at the end the kids would vote for the best one. George gave all the Soldiers an incentive of granting the winners with a 3-day pass (free day off). The Soldier’s in George’s building won…they must have really wanted the day off because they went all out. They called the HHD building the “Haunted House Detachment”, and made a mini haunted hall. The kids were all over it!! George was there before entering to give them a block of instruction on what was going to take place…I guess he thought he would try to be scary in his gas mask…

At the end of the trick or treating portion, we all gathered to hand out treat bags and to announce the names of the costume winners. JD won the spookiest (I had no influence on that I swear)….he got that all on his own!!!! See…….?

All the kids looked so cute and I remembered why I loved Halloween so much…

The rest of the time was spent eating lunch, trading candy, and having time to chat up the other Spouses. It was fun and a success. Our friend Farrah was there to support and helped with clean-up (thanks girl), but we were all too short to reach the spider on the ceiling, so I honed into my old cheerleading skills and taught Saige was it meant to be the “butterfly”…and I learned what it was to be the “base” LOL….Farrah thought she’d be a photographer all of a sudden :o)

Once we got home, all I wanted to do was crash out, BUT that isn’t an option for us moms, especially not on trick or treating night. So I proceeded to figure out what I would feed my brood before inhaling pounds of candy and he walked downstairs…the full moon repairman!

I think he was delirious too. After we ate, we all gathered up for a night of neighborhood candy hunts. Here are Saige and Jd ready to get the goods…

Teage was getting the special treatment riding in that wagon. I think after the first ten houses, I wanted to get in that thing…

Seriously, I was so proud of him. He needed no help going up to the door and receiving his “treats”. He was going up to the door saying either “Trick or Treat” or “Happy ‘Ween”. The only thing that was stumping him was getting his bag open at every house. He would hold it in one hand and couldn’t figure out how to get it apart again. It was so cute. Some of the candy givers had more of a disguise than he would have liked, but he still braved the door to candy heaven…

Overall, the kids had fun…Saige got to walk with her friends about 20 feet behind us, JD was just happy to be checking out every other kid’s costume and naming them off as they walked by, and Teage took charge as ultimate candy collector. What a big boy!!!

Can you belive it is already November?? Bring on the dang Turkey people….Love ya!!!

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