The New Hair and the White Party

So this post might seem a little “self-absorbed” since it’s topic is my hair and how I rocked it at the White Party last night. HEE HEE!! Anyway, seriously I had to show the peeps back home and such the change and how I’m going dark for Fall. My girl and favorite hairstylist, Becky, hooked me up and took off about 3 inches, dyed it mocha brown and dun dun dun….gave me a side bang. If you know me at all, you know I have never been a bang kind of gal. But I was going for something drastic and different for me. It was a small bang though…nothing too unmanageable and hopefully I won’t be pinning it back in a week. We’ll see. My hair has been trained for 20 years to be bang-less!! And now my ponytail is like a nub, LOL! Anyway, here you go….

Oh and The “bang”…

Anyway, that evening we went to an opening of a martini bar nearby the house that was flavored with Latin music. We had to all wear white and the vibe was calm and best of all, we were considered VIP (that’s funny in itself). So we did the dang thang with some of our peeps and made it fun. Here’s Khimmy and I before I changed into my jeans that I had brought in case I got cold or felt too “white”, ha-ha…

George and I looked rather cute I must say!! (Post jeans)

Here’s what we were looking at from our VIP section (I love saying that)…it was pretty small there!!

And finally, the ladies of the night…in white. Khimmy, April and I!!!

It was nice to go somewhere new and have a Jamaican Margarita with some good company. When you see me, don’t forget to call me VIP White Di. LOL!! (I warned you in the beginning it might be a little self-absorbed) Love ya!!

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