Date Night & odds n ends!

Last night we had our “date night” which we try to do at least once a month. It was nice…we went out to dinner with some good friends and then off to see ‘Ragtime’ the musical put on by the local community theatrical group, Pacific Okinawa Players (POPs). We went last winter to see Aladdin, JR and that is where JD said he needed to be on stage asap!! We are still waiting for the next children’s production so he can audition. They only do about 4 or 5 a year, so we are patiently waiting!! Anyway, here’s a pic of us at dinner on the water…

And then this happened….what is the obsession with my husband lately. They just “can’t seem to quit him”. Damn that brokeback mountain in El Paso LOL!! It seems a little odd that George would let TJ be the man in this relationship (notice the hands and shifty hips on the hubby hee hee)!!!!

So it was off to Ragtime…where George’s unit Chaplain played one of the leads, and my girl Amanda played in the ensemble (she sang in almost every song). She is a classically trained opera singer and does it like nobody’s business. Here she is in costume with a couple of the other performers. She is on the right hand side…

It was quite enjoyable and the talent was exceptional. I wish to one day actually see a Broadway musical…somebody make that happen please!! :o)

So I have one piece of culture that is so commonly known if you live here, but one that I think the family and friends would be interested in knowing. The Japanese are straight up funny about their drinks in restaurants. If you order a tea or soda at any food establishment..they are miniature. I mean TINY!! And you would pay about 300 yen for one of these (about 3 bucks). No refills!!!! Anywhere!!!! So I took a pic of what a supersized drink looked like at the Japanese McDonald’s…

Looks like plain old medium to me, right?!? OK…now you’re really gonna trip out. So about every 5 feet on any given street off base there are soda vending machines. And I’m talking every 5 steps. And I also mean 3 vending machines grouped together. But anyway, for a mere 100 yen (or one dollar) you can get this…..

So this is the size of a Monster…way bigger than the 24 oz bottled drinks you can get at your local 7-eleven (oh how I miss 7-eleven and circle K). Weird right?? They have these sizes in any kind of drink you could want…sweet tea, fanta, water, this gatorade like drink called aquarius…the list goes on! Thought I’d share one of the easily forgotten facts about living in Okinawa.

And lastly, we went to brunch this morning and they had a pond out front with koi fish in it. Teage was impressed and wanted to get in I think. One of them even tried to jump out of the water to say hello. Had to take a pic of my biggest and littlest enjoying the scenery…

Once we got home…JD wanted to be the Joker. I told you, theater is in his blood. Saige was the makeup artist for him. Scare Me!!!!

Well, until we meet again…Love ya!!!

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