Welcome Baby Camille!

She’s Here!! The newest Isla has been born…Camille Grace Isla entered the world on Sept 25 10:30am, weighing 5 lbs 11oz. She is perfect and I wish I could have been there to meet her. Here she is after her long journey…

Mommy (Rhea) had a C-Section and so that meant off to the surgery room…here’s Daddy (Alex) getting ready:

I just wrote to Rhea that she looked so calm and collected. I did not have this kind of a smile on my face…

Mine was much more exhausted, pained and crazy-looking. She makes it look easy. I know that George was glad he got to be there to see her, for the both of us! I told him to take as many pics as he could for me. I hope baby Camille didn’t mind the paparazzi following her. Here are the founding members of the Isla Familia with the newest grandkids.

And lastly, a pic of the new family of four!!

Congrats to Rhea and Alex! Now it’s time to figure out how to explain to Joaquin that he has to share EVERYTHING from now on…ok maybe not everything. Can’t wait to see them both…miss you all!! The kids and I send our love…

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