Lego Debo

Hey there…so I was so excited to get JD to that Lego contest this past weekend. It was the Grand Opening of Toyland here at the PX and so I assume the contest was promotional hype. But JD went the Harry Potter route and made all the characters from ALL the movies and the Quidditch Game and the Knight Bus. A trio of Potter if you will.

The two age groups were 8 and under & 9-12. After waiting for two hours and much confusion later, the people were judging unbeknownst to anyone except the lady that worked there. JD wasn’t even around, he was too busy perusing the toys. So I rounded him up and had him a take a pic next to his creation. Well, the little boy in the hat and red shirt won the first round (8 and under I guess).
Which nevermind that the winner was the worker lady’s SON! So the lady proceeded to slide all the ones she assumed were in that age group out of the way…including JD’s. I said to her, that one is 9-12…she said “sorry”. That was it!! So he got deboed, but at the same time he didn’t even realize it. So I bought him a spongebob lego that was on sale and told him…”Here’s your prize for doing so well”. Whew!! But he had fun making his masterpiece and that’s all that mattered.
Here are all the participants…JD looks so happy!!

So I guess this what I get when I try to get Teage to look like Baby New Year…

Love ya…