Hubby Lovin’ and other Fam Facts

OK so I finally got some pictures from George of his happenings in TX so far. He has assured me that he is working his butt of, but clearly he has time for a few extra-curricular activities…

I’m glad he did to get some use out of those clubs since he did travel across half the world with them. He looks funny…I guess this was an impressive drive!!

You know it’s no mystery that I have him bringing me back some Arby sauce, but I guess he thought this was a nice gesture to go along with that…to me it was just torture!! Thx Babe!
As was this…gotta love a breakfast skillet!
Anyway, I’m glad he is enjoying his trip back to the states. I get to vicariously live through his endeavors each night we talk about what store/restaraunt he visited. On top of all that, I found out today that he was voted by his classmates to compete in the AUSA Board (which is an awesome responsibility and goes on his record of having done so). So he will be studying for that tonight…since it’s tomorrow. Way to go BABE! He also informed me that they had a PT contest this morning. I guess you could think along the lines of a mini competition amongst all 5 classes that are there for the course. His class WON and of course he ran the last leg of the relay. Andele!! Grabbing the baton he was in second place and in the last 20 meters, he hit his stride and passed some “long legged tall guy” for the 1st place finish. You go boy!! I might have to expand the doorway when he comes home to fit his head…LOL!! I know he always tries his best and that is why it pays off for him all the time. He rocks!! I’m so proud of him.
In other news, I went to visit JD for lunch this week and to get an update on how things were going in class so far. He is doing well…he always goes through a phase where he tries to see what the teacher will take from him. Charmers do that!! But he is learning his boundaries with this new teacher and being a big dude about it. It was cute because all the kids tried to hurry up and finish their lunch so they could go outside and play…JD is all about eating his food!!
Move forward to another couple days and Saige came home from school Tuesday with the chicken pox. Yeah, I know WTF? She along with the boys are completely up to date with all their vaccines and so how could this happen you say? Apparently, some of the kids this school year had to get boosters for the varicella vaccination (which is a live virus) and so it can cause a breakout. I was not aware of this when I took her in to get her shots…she didn’t even get the booster..she got a Hep A shot. But she obviously came into contact with someone that did and so Voila!!…my baby girl got chicken pox. It was VERY mild and therefore she had a quick recovery, but she stayed out the rest of the week from school. She didn’t really like that…you know it kept her out of the loop with her lunch social circle. But she is all better now and spending the night out tonight. But she thought it would be cute to show what her contagious side might look like…
Teagie has been Teage…acting like a wild man in all instances. He was too thrilled about showing off his new Cars pajamas though.
And then the next day he had stripped down to his pull-up and decided that he would see if he could still fit in Poquito’s kennel. What a HAM!!!
I tell ya…I think they just wait to act crazy whenever their dad leaves. It’s a running Army wife joke that the sh!* hits the fan always when they are away. It’s TRUE!!
By the way, how would you like this hanging around outside your backyard on any given day?? Just all part of the military life we lead. This copter kept doing circles for like 45 minutes…it must have been some training because then they had one of those chinook helicopters doing the same thing afterwards. weird…

Well, I have officially started my Christmas shopping. Layaway is the shizzle!! Teage is all set, Saige will be my hardest. Dang teenagers and there expensive taste!! Today we are going up to the grand opening of Toyland so that JD can enter a Lego Masterpiece contest. He’s hard at work as we speak coming up with his very own. He’s gonna smoke them all. This is SO his idea of a good time!! I’ll post pics on that next blog. I hope everyone is doing well and talk to you soon!!

Love ya!!