So, another year of the VMAs has come and gone and I have to say…it was enjoyable. I liked the performances overall. It was nice to see Pink do her thing…man that chick has a slammin body. Aguilera did her little post baby debut (having a striking resemblance to Britney with that hair and outfit), Kid Rock brought it down with my one of my favorite summer songs, and even Paramore did a fabulous job via Whiskey-a-Go-Go. Just wondering about those pants…

There were, of course a few things that were bothersome. Like why does Rhianna always have to perform twice? I mean she’s cute and all, but dang. We all know there’s a pool of hungry musicians that could have strutted their stuff just as well as she did. Give someone different a chance MTV. Another disappointment was Kanye’s performance. He’s losing steam for me. His self-righteousness is annoying enough…now we have to listen to songs that sound like brainwashing techniques. I can’t!!!

The only question I really have is….Who the heck is this guy?? And why does the back of his hair have to do that??

I mean I get it…he’s British and we need someone that isn’t too invested in the American pop culture phenom (which I think covers everyone famous in America, right?). But what was he saying? I couldn’t catch 60% of his ramblings. The other 40% was pretty funny I guess…I have to assume there was no correlation between the two percentages. His purity ring jokes…or just sex jokes overall, were becoming a nuisance but that’s no different than Chris Rock’s jabs at previous VMAs. The VMAs are meant to be filled with raunchy attacks on celebrities. Remember this…

Gotta love Chris Rock!!
Lastly, I have to comment on the anticipated return of Ms Britney. I really wanted her to perform for us so that we could have the whole “compare and contrast” really going on, but I understand she isn’t trying to rush the inevitable. So my comment is quick and painless Britney…you looked healthy and sober!! You showed everyone that you could bounce back from being high and chubby. Thank you for giving us the visual again. You were bringing sexy back girl!

So, that is my report on the VMAs and I’ll be awaiting next year’s awards with the hopes for some Ne-Yo, Eminem, Jordin Sparks, and of course B Spears performances. One last thing…who thinks this guy is just the most adorable thing….? I do!! McLovin all day long!!

See you next year…

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