Slide into Fun

Well, the husband has been gone for a few days and I guess I am actually starting to miss him a little. No really, he has jumped right in to school and had a presentation to give after the first two days. I know he did a great job and rocked it. This is SO his niche. He’s awesome and I’ll be glad to see him when he gets back. The kids and I are keeping the home fire lit and getting things accomplished. I finally blew up Teage’s water slide that he got for his birthday that U.Alex and A.Rhea’s good old PX gift card bought him (gotta love a gift card). Of course the sun was out all day hardcore and then as soon as I attached the hose, the sun was being shifty with the clouds. So we only stayed out there for about 30-45 min. But he had fun and loves the water naturally…

Nothing like having water fun than with Nemo and Dory.

Then he got out of the water and decided to play on his gym…he was cracking up because he started to shiver and he couldn’t control it…you know I was rolling over laughing!!

How cute is this little guy???

Water play can make you thirsty ya know…

I think now that it’s blown up…we will have many an afternoon on this thing. Woo Hoo!!

I’ll be checking in to JD’s school the beginning of this week…camera in tow. Catch you later!! Love ya…

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