Team 58 Catches Another Victory!

So all this softball has got me tired and weary…and Saige’s season hasn’t even started yet. The emotional roller coaster we have had to endure through each game has been intense, nevermind that I have to keep score which means less heckling for me, but last night it finally paid off! 58th Signal BN is the Army Softball Champions once again on Okinawa!!! The playoffs started Monday night, which we won because the team actually decided not to show and so it was a forfeit….they were scurred. Wed there was another game where if we won that one we were playing right after for 1st place. Despite a few shady absences by teammates, we managed to win in the last inning. The next game was a slaughter…23 to 15! We were all so geeked about it and I took tons of photos. The lighting there was crappy, but I guess it made everything look Signal Orange…SWEET!

Since George was the coach (big surprise) he gets the big ol trophy that he proudly shows off…who cares about the dirt all over his body. I swear he has a superstition that he needs to eat dirt at every game.

This win was for Sheila. She would have been so proud of those guys. She loved the game and loved to win. They sucked it up for ya girl!

See ya next year for a three-peat!!!

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