Dam…Water Parks rock!

Well, we have successfully conquered another week of our winding summer. I had some FRG stuff to attend to (a baby shower and mini-meetings) but more importantly we visited some places that were not only fun but refreshing. Once we got past the God awful night of softball hell…(I was almost ejected from a game and had the MPs called on me, by the way…since when can they eject fans?) I was truly misread :o) We also found out that George will be going to the states the first week of Sept for about 3 weeks for 1SG course. I am totally jealous that he’s gonna be eating Arby’s…I told him if he loved me he would dry ice that crap for me and make it happen LOL. I know he is going to see baby Joaquin, oh yeah as well as Alex and Rhea (hee hee) and I am really annoyed by that. I know he will kiss him all over for me too but it’s not the same. And I am also missing my family reunion this weekend…I am waiting for the pictures Ebeth (no pressure). Happy 90th Grandma!!! I love you all and wish we could have been there to see you guys. Well, back to our exciting life….

Anyway, Wednesday I took the big kids to the Kurashiki Dam with my girlfriend Brooke and her son, which is really cute and a great place for a picnic or some minnow hunting. JD was all about it and was already in the creek before we made it down the stairs.

The water was extremely shallow, but that didn’t stop JD from taking a full-on swim in there.

I had to coax Saige and her friend to get their feet wet and venture into the water. Saige didn’t like how “brown” the water was.

From the looks of it, Brooke had fun…

While we were exploring the waterfalls, we noticed full size fish swimming around…so it looks like we were really “swimming with the fishes” as the old fashioned mobsters would say.

There were some local kids there picking up things from the water and placing them in nets…I walked up to try and see and it looked like little fishies and maybe some hermit crabs. JD brought me one as a gift…it never came out of its shell though. I definitely will be back with the whole family soon.

We also made our way back to the water park this weekend, this time with the whole fam bam in tow. Teage wasn’t feeling it at first. I guess too much going on for him. But he warmed up and really took to the lazy river…along with his dad.

It has the makings of a good old water park with slides and a kid area and waterfalls.
Saige brought another friend and they were pretending they were Charlie’s Angels I guess.

JD stayed on the river for over an hour and finally made his way to the tubey slide. He was rolling with laughter…
Overall, it was good times and made the hot weekend a little more cooler.

This coming week is the last of the summer, we have more adventures lined up for next week before we all get back to the books. I think we’re ready for it though. I will post the pics form our last days of summer vacation asap. Love ya….

P.S. This is why I love this place…

2 thoughts on “Dam…Water Parks rock!

  1. Gorgeous pics! Thanks for sharing them all. Teage is just getting to be so darn big. How awesome. I hope that George will still be around here when Camille is born…that will be at the end of the month. I guess we shall see how everything pans out next month. XOXO

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