B2SB and the week leading up to it…

Well, I have had one hell of a busy week and now that it’s Sunday, I feel like I want to just crawl into bed and stay there on this rainy day!! Anyway, back to reality…we ended up doing some interesting things this week. Monday, I took JD bowling with the moms and kids from a new group I joined called “Moms on Okinawa”. There are meetups scheduled and you can just show up with your kids, meet some new faces and give the kids a mini adventure. I think I will try to start going to more of these…it was fun. JD was playing with the camera…
Wednesday, JD and I (Saige had her last day of DEFY on this day…I was missing my girl) went with a friend Brooke and her son JG to the little water park about 10 min from my house. It was my first time there so I didn’t know if it was a place I could keep up with the camera, so I left it in the car. BUT, I realized it wasn’t that serious so we will be returning real soon with all the kids in tow and take tons of pics…so be on the lookout.
Thursday, the kids painted their pottery trays they had made last week and they turned out AWESOME!
I love crafts!!!
In between all these activities, I was planning the Back to School Bash (B2SB) for Saturday with my FRG girls. We ended up giving away about $500 worth of free school supplies and prizes. It was awesome. Every child left with something and it felt good. Shelia would have been proud….except for the times when the kids would come up to get their prize and not even utter the word “Thanks” or look slightly enthused with what they were being given. That was a bit disappointing as far as parenting is concerned. What happened to teaching kids to be humble and appreciative?? It threw me off…Good thing my girl went up there with a big smile and happy to get her Army book bag. Not to mention that she won the grand prize (an Ipod)…she was on cloud nine since she seems to have misplaced hers recently. (I say misplaced because I am still in denial that it could be gone) She scored either way, positivity breeds good karma!!
JD was all about the games. I had to almost force him to start playing at first, but once he did…he was all over it. Here he is doing the water balloon toss and the sack race. Good times!!

Do you see him??

Here’s my Teagie and George walking up…George had just rolled in from a 24 hour softball tournament.All in all, the day was a success and my kids had a fun time.

One more weird question…is a banana’s well being really this important??? I found this absurd contraption at the Yen store (dollar store) and was standing there in amazement. Who knew??

Catch you up on next week…soon! Loves

2 thoughts on “B2SB and the week leading up to it…

  1. Hey Girlie!! I left one comment and then had to sign up, not sure if that comment went thru so sorry if you get this twice —i was saying….i love hearing what you guys are up to and especially seeing pix!! Teage looks exactly like JD the last time i saw him – and Saige is beautiful (good luck with that in a few years 😉 )!!I am not very good with follow up wich has bee apparent over the last 8 years but please keep me in the loop!!

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