Summer crafting…cont’d

Well, the flower arrangement JD made is still alive and kicking. I am loving it. The next day we went back to the Arts & Crafts Center to take a ceramic/pottery class. This time Saige was able to go and again, I was impressed by their little artsy skills. JD, of course, went for the Indiana Jones motif. He even drew the whip-wielding hero on his tray…he’s so funny!

Saige decided to go the souvenir route and made a beautiful “Island of Okinawa” tray.

Once they were done, they had to leave them there to dry before they could paint and glaze them. So we’ll be back Thursday to finish up these fantabulous pieces of pottery. I can’t wait to see the finished product. After we were done with that, we made a pit stop over at the Torii Pool to let the kids get their feet wet. JD was born half fish I think and immediately gravitated towards the slide which I think saw his heiny about 15 times. Gotta love a water slide…

Saige just laid out by the pool…she was apparently too cool for the water that day LOL.

And Teage was everywhere at the pool…being Teage!!

Once we got home, we rented some movies and Batman was the topic of conversation with the Dark Knight movie out, the animated movie on DVD, and the upcoming Lego Batman video game. The boys decided to take it a bit further and channel their inner Batman…Teage was all about copying his big bro!!!

The big kids are going to see the Dark Knight movie with a few friends tonight. I hope JD gets the fix he’s been looking for. Actaully, I’m kind of glad they are going and not me…the Joker creeps me out!! Well, tomorrow’s starts another work week. I’m thinking about the beach…

Catch you guys later!!! Kiss kiss…

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