Crafts Rule!

I am finally feeling like writing on the baby blog since all has happened. I appreciate everyone’s support and well wishes.
I had a busy week this week, and I am grateful. Monday I had to start taking the girls (Saige and our neighbor Kenzie) to DEFY for their annual summer camp. DEFY stands for Drug Education For Youth program. It tackles issues like drugs and alcohol, smoking, bullying, and my favorite peer pressure. Saige started in the program last summer and now has achieved the status of Junior Mentor. I love it that she has responsibilities to the new kids and to the adult mentors this time around. They have a great time and visit all these cool places on island, so she is having a blast! I also had lunch with Farrah and had some quality girlfriend time.
Poquito had an appt this week for his last shot for the year. I also made THE appt for him to be neutered on the 22nd of Aug. Poor guy has no idea what he is up against. George is feeling his pain and trying to convince me that it’s not necessary (how cute that he feels he needs to stand up for his fellow males). But of course I have to be the enforcer and insist. Quito has already made a “close” friend with the blue teddy bear, and by close I mean he assumes they are dating and deserves private time. He weighs over 7lbs now and I keep telling him that he needs to slow down the growth spurt…Check out our big boy!!
Additionally we had one of George’s softball games this week and Saige’s first softball practice to boot. JD and I have had some good old QT with each other and went to see Kung Fu Panda…that boy loves his movies!

Another Mommy & JD moment was going to Torii’s (the Army base here) arts and crafts center. JD made me the most beautiful flower arrangement (I know he is a boy and people might be wondering why am I torturing him with flower frenzy). But I couldn’t resist letting him open up to his creativity…he was brilliant!




JD and the Teacher…

Here are all the kids with their finshed products. I am so thrilled that JD made that all by himself (I only had to do a couple adjustments on the flowers that he accidentally bent trying to force them into that watery, green block). And would you believe that is cost a mere $5 for this fun-filled craft. Gotta love the Army’s recreational services.

Tomorrow we are making a pottery tray, this time Saige will be there to get the full experience. I’ll post those pics next. Well, I’m off to get some things done before George and I go out on our date night. Thank heavens for the weekends. Love ya!!

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