The day that changed it all…

Sheila Elle


I was getting excited to get back on track with my blog when I was completely blindsided with the news that one of my BFFs here in Okinawa passed away last Sunday. Sheila Elle is my friend and someone I would consider a geographical sister. We spent many a days chatting it up, taking a lunch date, brainstorming about how to build up our FRG, drinking beer and wine, shopping, playing truth or dare (don’t ask), and exploring the reefs along Oki’s beaches. She made me laugh and made me think at the same time. She never would play with her words…she always told you what she thought of you or the situation. And I can’t believe she is gone. I spent the past few days trying to come to grips with this shocking news. I think I am still in a daze and not 100% sold on this being the reality. Steve and Jordan (her husband and son) are amazing and I pray for them as they join their family in South Dakota. I wish there was something I could do…that’s all I keep thinking! It has been a confusing week and one that I have never experienced. It’s weird that I just posted a picture of all my girls and talked about how crazy we all were. I miss her voice right now and wish I could hear her tell me to “Suck it up sister”. That was my favorite one-liner…along with when she would use the same phrase for her son…”Suck it up Brutha” :o) I am gonna miss her smile which was so genuine and comforting. I will miss her motherly ways of always trying to get to the bottom of my feelings. She is truly a gift and someone that has changed my life. I will never forget her….May she lay in peace for all the days ahead!!! I love you Sheila….

This was when we went to Yokota and she picked up this dress and we all laughed at how hideous it was…

This was a must…it was Sheila with her new “Colonel”…

Group shot of us at breakfast in Yokota…Wish Farrah was there!

This was the Holiday Ball last Xmas…

This is how I will remember her the most…Always having a good time and always with a slew of people around her. She was our rock!!!

I am trying my best to keep the girls together and show them that I am here for them. We are all mourning the loss of someone that touched our lives. I got your backs Farrah, Julie, Amanda and April…we will get through this.

2 thoughts on “The day that changed it all…

  1. I am so sorry that one of your friends has left you, but she is in good hands now. I know you will get through this just remember all the joy and happiness she gave you when she was with you and know she will be looking down and will keep tabs on all of you. So make her proud. I am also glad you had someone you could confide in while you are so far away from your own family. I love you my darling daughter and sorry I am not with you to help you through this very hard time… Mom

  2. I hadn’t seen some of those pics, cute! It’s wierd how life just kind of drags you along through something like this, even though you don’t even feel like getting out of bed. I got your back too girl, we’ll all figure it out together.

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