The Week Belongs to Me

See…..this was what I was afraid of when I so reluctantly created my first baby blog. It has now been like a week and I haven’t posted CRAP!! So here I am doing damage control in the hopes that the people I harassed to read will still care LOL! Anyway, we have had an interesting week in the Isla Household and a lazy one at that. Monday night, George had one of his usual softball games for the unit team and it was one for the history books. I’m talking protests, finger-waving, and words like a$$hole thrown around. Needless to say, there will be a makeup of the last inning (George and his softball connections…). I have recently started getting back out to the ball field. I have spent many a day being the personal cheerleader of ICE (I just want to put it on record that I do not like “Ice”, I do not know why this happened, and since he likes it so damn much I am going to personalize it and start calling him Slushie). But I had to take a break from that for a few years because I was too busy raising the little Slushies at home…check out Saige Slushie…

LIL JD Slushie…and even T-Slushie is being groomed!!!

Either way, I am back at the bleachers and the games are still as drama-fied as ever. And nevermind that I slid right back in as all-time scorekeeper, so I was told! So we’ll see how long this softball crew can keep me coming back.

Tuesday I got back in the saddle again with my girls. Lunch at Chili’s and an umbrella assistant later, I was all caught up from being gone on vacation. These ladies are my buds here and I am so glad I could find some peeps that would accept my smart a$$ self and my keepin it real. As you can see, they have some disfunctionality of their own…

Gotta love em!!! I just realized going through some of those albums that I hold some serious balckmail evidence.

I used another day of the week to hang with my newbie friend Brooke. She reminds me a lot of myself about 10 years ago. She is really sweet and also keeps it real…something hard to find over here!

I took the lazy week opportunity to let the Davenport kids, Dee and Devonte, sleep over and took them to Wago Land Thursday. It was fun just as it was the first time we stumbled upon this place. They have 3 floors of fun and something for every age group. Looks like they had a great time…

Well, hopefully I will get my butt back on here and post before I have to write a novel next time. Next week is jammed pack with FRG tasks back to back. There should be some pics I can post to give you the idea of what this FRG business is all about. Until then, I hope everyone has a great weekend and we will catch you later!…lo and behold there’s another softball tourney this weekend.

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