Recouping from Vacation

OK so as everyone already knows, we made it back safe from our Tokyo adventure. I think I caught a little bug on the plane ride home because my head is sorta stuffy and my throat feels lumpy. So I have been relaxing all day with some sporadic movements here and there. George has been getting all the laundry done for me (what a nice guy). I know it has a lot to do with the fact that he just cannot stand still for more than 5 seconds. Maybe I should have him checked for ADHD. Adults can have that now right? Isn’t it insane how many medical conditions a person can have these days?? Whatever happened to the “Lay down and take a nap” remedy. My kids know that one all too well. Home remedies are where it’s at people!! Just look at them now….the cure for jet lag:

OK so maybe a little Wii action helps it along!! Either way, it’s a lazy day in the Isla household and we are going to top it off by going to one of George and I’s favorite restaurants…The Garlic House (Arin Krin). I love it there. And for those who don’t know about it…it is family style dining where you order several things ala carte and share with everyone in your party. Everything is made with garlic: Garlic Pizza, Garlic Potatoes, Garlic Pasta, Garlic Rice…you get the idea! It is heaven and something I wish I could package up and take to the states with me once I get back there. This will be the kids first time going (the place is small and half the restaurant is seating on the floor) so it is hard to get a table there as you can imagine. So they are excited to be getting the real deal rather than the leftovers from our dinners. Speaking of…here is a pic from our last visit:

I am looking forward to the garlic seeping out of all our orifices on the car ride home.

Let’s hope that this wanna be sickness gets my drift and travels onto some other helpless host. And when I say that I am NOT talking about one of my kids or George. Lord knows that is why I am willing it to be gone…I as well as all the other mothers out there can’t afford to be sick, we’re too busy taking care of our sick brood, whether it be mental or physical :o) !!

Man, coming back from vacation really jacks up your schedule. Who knows what I have going on this week!! Catch you next time…

Thanks to Tara

So I have always contemplated starting and writing a family blog but hadn’t gotten around to it due to my hectic schedule with three needy children to boot. Then I started reading Tara Howes’ blog (who by the way has four children) and realized I could actually do this thing!! I guess I had a different idea of what kind of work went into creating a blog. So thank you, Tara, for showing me a great blog is only a few moments out of my day and some awesome photos here and there away, all of which I enjoy doing. Looking forward to posting all our family happenings for all the peeps I love and miss. Catch you on the next posting!!!